Selsey Lifeboat Station - News

Chichester Voices Concert - Report

The north wind howled, the rain lashed down, but nearly forty hardy people fought their way to Selsey Lifeboat Station to attend a fundraising concert on Saturday December 15th. Fortunately, the Chichester Voices choir also braved the very inclement weather to give a marvellous performance, despite their chattering teeth. The "Voices" Director had insisted coats, etc. were removed so that the lovely matching attire could be seen by the audience.

A mix of carols, some of which the audience were able to join in with, Christmas classics and less well known pieces, along with a world premiere of Laetabundus which had been composed by one of the choir members, were performed exquisitely. Two interludes offered topical Christmas tales read by two members of the choir.

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable evening, despite the cold - only wishing mulled wine or hot chocolate could have been served rather than chilled wine and G and T's.

Selsey Lifeboat Fundraising Committee would like to extend their sincere thanks for the dedication of Chichester Voices, and thank them for coming out on such a horrid night.

N.B. Despite Selsey Lifeboat Volunteers' ticket and programme sales raising £476 which, with ticket sales by the choir, gave a total income of £512, Selsey Lifeboat funds only benefited from ticket sales by £50.98 being 80% of the net profit after deduction of Chichester Voices' expenses of £448.28.

Fortunately the bar run by Selsey Lifeboat fundraising volunteers raised £76.80 to give a total benefit to Selsey Lifeboat of £127.78 for the evening.