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British Telecom's Flood Team Comes to Selsey

The BT Hazmat Team The BT Hazmat Team
Some of the BT Hazmat Team with the ILB Some of the BT Hazmat Team with the ILB

The BT Flood team (yes they have one very similar to the RNLI Flood Team), came to Selsey to engage in a joint exercise with the crew of the Lifeboat. The aim of the exercise was for the BT team to learn from the experiences of the RNLI in terms of coastal flooding, such as the flooding of Bunn Leisure. The BT Team have been involved in the inland flooding events at Cumberland, Gloucester and, more recently, Somerset Levels, ensuring that critical national infrastructure and operational communications are maintained.

Gary Pearce, the leader of the BT Hazmat team, (yes they have a BA and Chemical, Biological and Nuclear capability) and RNLI crew member said "The event was a great success, better than our expectations, we achieved huge steps in understanding the tidal flows and specific dangers associated, which will make the BT team a lot better prepared for future coastal flooding. The final exercise on Sunday, where the ILB supported an open water exercise, encapsulated that learning and reinforced the skills the team learnt."

The RNLI have invited the BT team to engage in a future exercise.

For videos and photos taken on the day, please click here.