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A Total of 952 Raised at The 2nd Annual Darts Competition 2014 and Sponsored Hair Shave!!

The 2nd Darts Competition took place in the Lifeboat Inn on Saturday 15th November and what a fantastic evening it was.

Registration started at 6.30 p.m. promptly and darts players started practising for the matches ahead. Thirty people entered the competition and all level of darts players took part. The Pub was filling up fast to watch the games and many had come along to watch the two Matts have all their hair shaved off. At 7.30 p.m. the first three matches began with the atmosphere in the pub buzzing.

At 9.30 p.m. when the name of our semi finalists were known, play stopped for a short time to draw the raffle and watch the hair shaving. During the evening Clive and Julie went round the pub collecting more money for sponsorship for the two Matts and the amount collected will be announced as soon as there is a final total, which should be a significant amount. Both Matts should be very proud of what they have acheived and a huge thank you to them both, along with Shaun, Gareth & Stacey of E2 Hair for sponsoring the Hair Shave.

The Darts Competition semi-finals began and were over quite quickly, and the standard of the matches was amazing. The finalists were announced as Tom Cripps and Roger Summers, the same two as last year!

Best of five legs and both players were incredible. Our winner, Roger Summers, won the Lifeboat Shield Trophy for the second year and 100. Tom Cripps came second and won 50.

Our sponsor for this event was Jim Carr, Owner of the Lifeboat Inn. Thank you, Jim, for all your hard work and for making this event possible for a second year. A big thank you also has to go to all the staff at the pub who looked after everyone so well.

Thank you also goes to Clive Cockayne, Neil Riddolls, Clive Wildman, Sean Evans, Jo Evans and Julie Horton for all their help and effort that went into another successful Selsey Lifeboats Darts Competition.

A total of 352 was raised from the Darts Competition and 615 from the Hair Shave, giving us a total of 952.00 for the Selsey Lifeboats - what an achievement!!

To all the players who participated in the evening, to everyone who sponsored the two Matts hair shave and to all who purchased raffled tickets - thank you, because without your support we would not have been able to raise so much money for our Lifeboat Station.

We hope to see you all again next year for the 3rd Selsey Lifeboats Darts Knockout Competition.

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