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Judy Savory 1941 2015

A volunteer at Selsey Lifeboat Station for 26 years

Judy Savory joined the band of RNLI helpers in 1983/84, having been introduced by her son Andrew, who joined the year before. These were the days of Jean and Denny Warwick, Mavis Underwood, Jock and Vic Westlake, to name but a few.

Over the years, she was involved with at least three Selsey Carnival floats, namely,'Blue Peter','The Captains Table' and 'The Celebration Cake'. Everyone joined in and a good laugh was had by all. How many rolls of brown tape and staples? Well, lots. It was all about working as a team.

Anyone remember the Lifeboat Day BBQ on the green? Cooking hundreds of sausages and burgers. Once you have seen that many, weeks can go by before you can face another one.

As Souvenir Secretary, Judy was instrumental in getting a properly fitted out shop after many years of struggling with a dilapidated old caravan, which was only recently replaced again. Family commitments (and lack of storage space,) meant that Judy handed over the role to a new member.

There then followed years as general helper, especially at 6 a.m. on Lifeboat Day, when Judy and family were down on the field booking in all the stall holders.

With some gentle persuasion from John Light, the then Branch Chairman of Selsey Lifeboat, Judy joined the Fundraising Committee and, with the help of husband Les (and any available family member), took on the collection boxes at short notice for the town and surrounding area (over 60 of them). New RNLI and charity rules were introduced at the end of 2007, which were quite a challenge to say the least, but it all worked out. Due to the considerable time it took to count, record and bank the money, she asked to step down as of the end of 2008. No replacement could be found and so she agreed to stay until a replacement was found, which was early in 2009.

John Light said: "Judy was one of those willing helpers who could be called upon at any time to step in when we were short of volunteers. Selling programmes, shaking a bucket or selling raffle tickets."

She was sorely missed when she retired from the committee and she will be sorely missed by her family and friends now.