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Selsey Lifeboat Week 2013

Nearly 19,000 Raised This Week!!! What a Fantastic Amount!!!

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With a new Chairman of the Fund Raising committee, Tracy Riddolls, at the helm, and some new members joining the Fund Raising committee this year, it was expected to be a good Selsey Lifeboat Week and we got it!! This year's Lifeboat Week took place from Sunday 4th August until Sunday 11th August 2013.

Selsey Lifeboat Week 2013 took place slightly later this year than it had for many years, due to the tides, and our usual programme selling at Kavanagh Budgen's Selsey started on Saturday 20th July 2013 for three consecutive weeks, and our thanks to the major sponsor for allowing us to do this. This was a record year for programme sales.

On the evening of the 3rd August, Bunn Leisure very generously allowed several Fund Raisers to collect in the Embassy Club, West Sands, and the White Horse Club. Those who attended described a very packed house at the Embassy we don't think it was because the Lifeboat Fund Raisers were there but probably because 'One Direction' was the main entertainment that evening! The collectors squeezed through the throng and collected another record amount. Worth the hassle, then, chaps!

Seal Island Gun Club Clay Pigeon Shoot

Sunday 4th August brought good weather for the Seal Island Gun Club's Clay Pigeon Shoot on behalf of Selsey RNLI. The club has been holding this event for several years and has contributed a lot of money to Selsey RNLI over the years. The day before, several of the Gun Club, some of whom also happen to be connected to Selsey Lifeboats, had collected the necessary equipment from the club and brought it over to Bunn Leisure ready for set up the following day. Early on Sunday morning it was all set up and they were ready to go. A steady stream of experienced shots passed through registration plus many first-timers wanting to 'Have-a-Go'. A flurry of people arrived in the afternoon and helped to make it another very successful Clay Shoot. I shot like a novice and contemplated giving it all up, but it was a good shoot, nonetheless! Throughout the day there was a BBQ with bacon, sausage and burger rolls for the starving hordes, as well as tea and coffee, adding to the funds raised. Our thanks to Seal Island Gun Club, Bunn Leisure and Ham Farm for making this event possible. Please click here for photos.

Sea Service

In the evening of Sunday 4th August the Annual Sea Service was held on Lifeboat Green with a huge attendance and another record collection. An interdenominational service, it was conducted by the Reverend James Wesson, Chaplain to Selsey Lifeboat, and assisted by the Reverend Bruce Allinson, Pastor Bob Rule, and Father John Healy. Music was by Denmead Brass Band conducted by Estelle Flood.

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Lifeboat Station Open Evening

Monday 5th August brought the Open Evening at Selsey Lifeboat Station and lots of people turned up to be shown around the ILB, 'Betty and Thomas Moore' and, in the Lifeboat House, the relief Lifeboat 'Hilda Jarrett', a Tyne Class Lifeboat.

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Walking Treasure Hunt

On the evening of Tuesday 6th August the Walking Treasure Hunt took place starting from Hillfield Road Car Park and finishing at The Seal Public House. A very enjoyable walk, the winners were the 'B Team' with the Wiseman family in second place. For answers, please click here. For results please click here. Please click here for photos. Our thanks to Steve and Linda Frampton from Mulberry Divers for compiling this. A record amount was raised, continuing the trend of the week.




Quiz Night

Wednesday 7th August brought the Quiz, taking place at The Seal Public House. Another packed evening (those of us who have attended this event every year book a table, have a meal, and then STAY PUT so as to have table to sit at whilst taking part!!). Malcolm the Quiz master was his usual brilliant self, the raffle was excellent, as was the food, and the evening was a great success. Our thanks, as always to Malcolm, Kiki, Niko and staff for all their help. Please click here for photos.

Race Night

On Thursday 8th August Race Night at The Selsey Royal British Legion took place. There wasn't a seat available in the Legion, sponsorship of the races was sold out, and a good evening was had by all! Another successful event. Our thanks to all at the Royal British Legion for hosting this ever-popular evening. Please click here for photos.



Tug of War and Grand Firework Display

Friday 9th August and it was the turn of the much-loved Tug-of-War and Grand Firework Display. The weather was dry and quite warm. Eight teams took part this year and Larry Jupp, score master, had his work cut out with keeping track of it all! Clive Wildman did a magnificent job as referee, Ali Lakeman and Andrea Ford were ensuring that all the teams obeyed the rules, and even the youngsters got a look-in. Selsey Cubs were present, as they have been for several years, as was the Apuldram Centre. Selsey Lifeboat Crew were the winners with Seal Island Tyres in second place. The other teams who took part were The Lifeboat Inn, The Crown, Selsey Fireworks, and Pete Horton Plumbing. At about 9.30 p.m. the Grand Firework Display took place and it was as spectacular as ever. There was a magnificent bucket collection afterwards (with Graham Horwood 'charging' people to use the loos in the Lifeboat compound, as he did last year!). The final amount collected was about 350 up on last year so ANOTHER brilliant night!!

For more photos of this event please click here.

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Flag Day

Saturday 10th August brought Selsey Lifeboat Flag Week to a close and this was the day where various volunteers were dotted about Selsey with their little cardboard lifeboats and stickers asking people for donations. My personal thanks go out to these people as I was the organizer of the day this year without you it wouldn't be possible. It has to be mentioned that 'Stormy Stan', aka John Reeves, Lifeboat crew member, had been out and about in Selsey on several days during the week, with his daughter, Jasmine, enduring the extreme temperatures arising from the suit, collecting with his bucket and posing for photographs. Also helping 'Stormy Stan' during the week were Dave Lamdin and Sam Troughton-Smith. John has made this role his own over the past few years, and our heartfelt thanks and gratitude go out to him (masochist!) and Jasmine for raising tons of money!! The Flag Week collectors raised 1631.12, with 845.21 of that amount coming from collectors in Sidlesham; it is believed that Stormy Stan raised over 600 on top this.

Car Treasure Hunt

In the late afternoon and evening the Car Treasure Hunt took place, starting at the Lifeboat Inshore Shed and finishing at The Lifeboat Inn. There were several twists and turns to this year's Treasure Hunt and little green boxes to find, and the joint final winners were Des and Elaine Burge, and Carol and Malcolm Tipping and Tony Forward, who were presented with their prizes (a little model mini car on a base and a bottle of Freixenet) on Lifeboat Day. Click here for the clues and questions, here for the answers, here for the results, and here for photos. Thanks to Ali and Andrea for compiling this fun evening.

Lifeboat Launch Day

Selsey Lifeboat Launch Day arrived and the forecast was for rain in the morning but clearing up later. Fingers were tightly crossed. On Lifeboat Green John and Jean Light, and Shaun Elphick had been busy at work since 6 a.m. guiding the stall holders to their places. The rain started at about 9 a.m. and everyone huddled under brollies and covered up their wares on the stalls.

The Chichester Classic Car Club had settled into their spaces at the end of East Beach car park and waited for the rain to stop. Luckily, the weather did get brighter in time for the arrival of the Harley Motorcycles at about 11.15 a.m. - and what an arrival! They swept in along Kingsway and into East Beach car park all 132 of them! Playing 'Rule Britannia' very loudly and carrying a large Lifeboat flag they made their appearance. A group photo was taken and then the riders could all go off and enjoy the delights of Lifeboat Day. Our grateful thanks go to Hogs Back, New Forest, Lakeside and Thames Valley Chapters of the Harley Owners Groups for coming to visit us on Lifeboat Day, and to Chichester Classic Car Club for showing off their splendid vehicles.

Meanwhile, back on Lifeboat Green, TS Sturdy were entertaining the now gathering crowds, playing favourite tunes, while along the beach the teams were getting their crafts ready for the Raft Race. And then they were off! 16 teams took part and it was a close-fought contest. Local company Oceanair took first and second places with last year's winners, Selsey Lifeboat Crew, coming third. Chichester Canoe Club won the best-dressed prize for their Thunderbirds outfits.

The first 400 balloons in the Balloon Race were released once the Raft Race had completed and then it was time for this year's air display, which was a change to the usual the Tigers Parachute Display Team. Due to the weather turning a bit cloudy at the point they were due to arrive they couldn't jump from as high an altitude as they'd wished, but they still put on an extraordinary display, with a Union Flag and a Lifeboat Flag being 'flown' as they descended into the sea, rapidly 'rescued' by the Lifeboat crews from Littlehampton, Hayling Island and Selsey. Two of the parachutists hovered way up in the sky while the other two made their descent (how on earth do they do that?!) and then they made their own way down in tandem.

The weather brightened up again in time for the All Weather Lifeboat 'Voluntary Worker' to launch at 2.30 p.m. to the delight of record numbers of people on the beach. On board the 'Voluntary Worker' were the members of the Tigers Parachute Display Team, enjoying themselves and waving to the crowds. Everyone settled down to await the arrival of HM Coastguard Helicopter 104 after a display of how to deal with rescuing people from a burning boat and some drunken swimmers in the water.

Along came the Coastguard helicopter and once more thrilled everyone with a demonstration of winching someone into the helicopter (this year's 'body' was Will Moir, Lifeboat crew member). All too soon it was time for the sail past which included the Selsey RNLI Inshore Lifeboat 'Betty and Thomas Moore', Littlehampton RNLI Atlantic 75 Inshore Lifeboat 'Blue Peter 1', Hayling Island RNLI Atlantic 85 Inshore Lifeboat 'Derrick Battle', Selsey RNLI lifeboat 'Voluntary Worker', and Fisheries Protection Vessel 'Watchful'. The day ended with the now traditional spraying of the people on the beach by the Lifeboat crew. All the visiting craft left for their homes and our own Lifeboats were put safely to bed.

The remaining 400 balloons were released next and were a wonderfully colourful sight as they soared into the sky. Our thanks to Pete Horton Plumbing whose sponsorship allowed us to collect lots of money for the new Lifeboat, and our thanks to all the helpers in the balloon tent. We now have the results - the furthest balloon reached Lens, south west of Lille in Northern France, near to the border with Belgium, and the owner of the balloon was Karon Horwood, who is delighted with her win!

Throughout the day raffle tickets had been sold for a lovely pushbike supplied by Summit Bikes, Selsey. This prize was won by a lady from London called Brenda who collected her prize the following weekend. The winning programme number was 1794 and, if you have the programme with this number on it, then please click here to email the Branch Chairman, Colvin Rae, to claim your prize, or telephone him on 01243 601822.

From Friday evening, through Saturday, and all day on Lifeboat Day, GB4SLB Amateur Radio Station broadcasted from the Lifeboat compound. To read their report please click here.

So, that was the end of another successful Lifeboat Launch Day. The car parks emptied and everyone helped to clear up the Lifeboat Green.

The Chairman and Committee of Selsey Lifeboat would like to give sincere and grateful thanks to all the people who helped make this year's Lifeboat Week the enormous success it was. You know who you are we couldn't do it without you.

For lots of photos of Launch Day, please click here.

Until next year...

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