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Pagham Yacht Club Lifeboat Day 2011

Lifeboat Ladies at Pagham YC Lina and Mike
Selsey Lifeboat Crew at Pagham YC Tony, Chris, Phil and others at Pagham YC

Pagham Yacht club held their Lifeboat Day on Wednesday 22nd June 2011. The wind blew like a fury but the sun shone. Always great hosts, several of us drove over to Pagham to watch the events, which included our own AWL 47-031 'Voluntary Worker', Littlehampton Lifeboat and HM Coastguard Rescue Helicopter Rescue 104 performing manoeuvres in a display for the gathered crowds. In fact, because of the strength of the wind Coastguard 104 presented themselves superbly and was highly enjoyable to watch.

Mike and Lina brought over the buckets to Selsey the following day containing the collection from the evening, which amounted to 341.65 a great amount considering the weather.

Our grateful thanks to Pagham Yacht Club, as always.