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'Where's Wellie?' Raises £155

What started out as a bit of a silly idea rapidly became a reality with the help of Ashley Pledger, one half of a pair of Lifeboat crew wellie boots, and a lot of very understanding friends. At 16 locations around Selsey people very kindly allowed me to display a yellow wellie in one of their windows. The idea was that people would look at the photographic and written clues provided and, over a period of four weeks, write down the location of the said yellow wellie on the form provided. The last wellie was placed on board the Royal Naval Association's carnival float travelling around Selsey on Sunday 30th August.

We sold 31 sheets and only had 13 returned, and so it couldn't have been that easy, but I ended up with 6 winners and only one prize! Luckily, the prize could be split up and so the teams ended up with a bottle of very expensive red wine each (instead of the three I was offering as a prize). One of the entrants was a 10-year old girl who was on holiday at the time of the treasure hunt. By the time I had marked the answers she had returned home and so I have sent her a cuddly bear from the lifeboat shop (and kept the other bottle for a raffle prize another time).

I'm told by my long-suffering friends that it was really quite weird watching people in teams peering at their houses only to remember that they had a wellie in their window...

By popular demand 'Where's Wellie?' will return again in 2016, but next year it will be sneakier and harder!

My thanks to Ashley Pledger for all his help, and to everyone who displayed a wellie. And, of course, my thanks to everyone who took part.

Clues and Answers

1. The home of the volunteers we're raising money for. Window of the Inshore Lifeboat boathouse
2. Fang's home, near to the shops. She can smell Indian, and Fish and Chips, when the wind is blowing in the right direction. 2 Hillfield Road
3. This can be seen from the sea wall as you approach the Lifeboat Station. 'Westerlea', 30 Beacon Drive
4. Situated between a defunct public house and a garage. 85 Hillfield Road
5. "On my honour, I promise that I will do my best" Scout Hut, School Road
6. Find this one amongst the fishermen. Above the Selsey Fishermen's Association notice board on Dave's hut, next to Julie's Hut, Kingsway
7. "We work to prevent the loss of life on the coast and at sea". Coastguard Tower, West Street
8. A road recently tarmacked and used as a 'rat run'. 12 Grove Road
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9. A favourite watering place for locals and holidaymakers, especially when the sun is shining. Lifeboat Inn. Wellie located behind the ship's wheel in the bar
10. One of the 'better' roads in Selsey, leading to the sea on the east side. 60 James Street
11. This is no longer working but is still an iconic sight in Selsey. Windmill, West Sands
12. They spend a lot of time in the deep. Mulberry Divers, East Beach Shops
13. Coming from the Lifeboat Station towards East Beach along the sea wall, this house has an imp living in it. I need the name not the number. Elf Towers, 120 Kingsway
14. Not far from the Fisherman’s Joy. 8 Grafton Road
15. Oranges, Lapierres and Ghosts can be found here. Summit Bikes, Hillfield Road
16. This house has bottles of water on the lawn and, if the time of day is right, the Winebulance is close by! 2 Coxswain Way
17. SELSEY CARNIVAL - What is the registration number of the vehicle? BP57 XZS - Royal Naval Association Float
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